About Us

Shanghai Kangwen Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the sales  & design of aluminum extrusion products (such as Industrial Aluminum extrusion, Window & door Extrusions, Curtain Walls profile, Solar Module Frames, Building Profiles, Automobile Type Materials, Container Profiles and other aluminum products), the post-processing of aluminum extrusion profiles (such as CNC Cutting, Punching, Milling, drilling etc.), the sales of aluminum products such as Aluminum Composite Plates(ACP), Aluminum Sheets, Aluminum Coils, Tinplate, Tin Free steel(TFS), Film-Laminated Steel. Also we engaged in the sales & design of E-bike and Bikes accessories (Helmets, Loader, Side/ Tail box, Tires, Shock Absorbers, etc.). 

We are a comprehensive import and export production enterprise that fully implements international product standards, organizes production, sales and export, and provides comprehensive professional after-sales services.