Aluminum flat polishing and fine ash

Time: 2023/07/05View: 140

Matt polishing trough is usually set the cell has two main purposes, namely on the sand surface polishing treatment of aluminum alloy were smoothing and polishing of fine ash.

The flat polishing: Pingguang polishing tank can generate a certain thickness of the oxide film, and can greatly increase the total brightness of aluminum alloy. Due to anodic oxidation makes the sand song after the polishing process of aluminum alloy by loss of light, Plano polishing processing, surface light to form a layer of dense oxide layer, gloss, and then the anodic oxidation, so as to greatly reduce the loss of light; in addition, Shenyang Aluminum profiles from before the sand surface polishing to anodic oxidation, multi-channel water and may remain in the air or water washing tank, pitting, if first gloss polishing trough, prefabricated a certain thickness of the chemical oxide film, first protected, thus avoiding prior to oxidation in the washing groove produce pitting or floral, increasing the rate of finished products.

Fine ash removal: acid corrosion is very stubborn, the general method is difficult to clear. Although the sand surface polishing groove can remove most of the acid corrosion, there is still a small amount of residual in some special conditions. Matt polishing trough can completely remove the etching ash, so as to ensure the quality of aluminum alloy, and completely eliminate the pollution of acid corrosion and ash in front of the color and electrophoresis tank.