Aluminum production aluminum giant expansion of car beauty

Time: 2023/07/05View: 162

As more and more car manufacturers choose aluminum to save costs and improve the energy consumption of the automobile, the demand for aluminum is expected to increase significantly. Since last year, the United States a number of aluminum giants have spent huge sums of money to expand the production of aluminum production capacity.

Alcoa announced last month to complete the $300 million investment, for the Iowa supply vehicle aluminum factory production capacity expansion. In addition to Alcoa also increased in Tennessee's car with aluminium plant investment is expected to the plant will be put into operation in 2015, Alcoa also plans expansion in Saudi Arabia aluminum joint venture factory capacity.

Alcoa is the new Ford F150, one of the major suppliers, the company in the car with the aluminum business on the total investment has reached $6.7 billion.

Another Aluminum Inc, Ken aluminum, announced in January that it would invest 200 million euros in a substantial increase in the production of aluminium in Europe, to meet the growing demand for the car market. The company is expected to be located in Germany's aluminum body manufacturing plant will first be put into operation in 2016, by 2014 will increase 40 thousand tons of production capacity on the existing basis.

U.S. automotive aluminum leading supplier Novelis also recently said that the global demand for automotive aluminum strong. In December last year, the company invested $to further expand its global vehicle production capacity to 900 thousand tons per year. The company's global automotive technology executives said that the car is currently the fastest growing aluminum flat rolled products market, is expected to 2020, the car with the aluminum market will grow at a rate of 30% per year.