Solar Panel Frame and Aluminum Solar Panel

Time: 2023/07/05View: 150

Solar energy frame refers to the fixed frame of aluminum alloy profile of solar energy power generation. Fixed, sealed solar cell components, enhance the strong support components, to extend the service life, easy to transport, installation.

The advantages of aluminum frame for solar energy, corrosion resistance, strong antioxidant properties; strength and firmly; strong tensile properties; modulus of elasticity, rigidity, metal fatigue value is high; transport, easy to install, surface even scratch also won't produce oxidation does not affect the performance; by the convenience of different material, adapt to the environment; the use of life in 30-50 years.

General surface treatment, 1. Anodic oxidation (silver white, black, gold, silver, bronze) (film thickness AA10, aa15, AA18, AA20) 2. Electrophoresis (silver and black) (film thickness is more than or equal to 15, equal to or greater than 16, 18 more than or equal to equal to or above 20)